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How fast is your turn around on responding to emails and finishing a project? I will try my best to respond to emails within 24 hours. Below are estimates on my different services, however please be aware that it also depends on my current workload and the size of the project. If you’re on a tight schedule, let me know and I’ll see what I can work out.
Pre-Made eBook Covers: 3 days or less, depending on smooth communication
Custom eBook Covers: 1 week or less, depending on smooth communication
Other Graphics: varies by type, many can be completed in the same day, such as FB banners
5 Page Starter Website: 1 week or less, will depend heavily on communication & information given to complete the project
Custom Website: 3 weeks or less, will depend heavily on communication & information given to complete the project
Book Cover Synopsis/Blurb: 1-2 weeks as I have to read the book beforehand
Article Writing: 1-2 weeks, depending on amount of research required
Reviews: Varies by product type. Book reviews will take 1-3 weeks
Manuscript Assessment: 1-2 weeks as I have to read the book beforehand
Copy Editing: 3-4 weeks, depending on word count

What are your credentials?

I started building websites in 2001 with GeoCities, and transitioned to HTML, CSS & PHP based design in the early 2000’s, learning through online classes and hands-on experience. In the mid-2000’s I started working with WordPress, and have favored it over hand-coding for more than a decade for its ease of use, many integrations, and endless template options. It’s the best platform for those wanting to update and tweak their own site after the initial setup. Although I have used Photoshop, my graphics editor of choice is Paint Shop Pro, which I also learned via online classes and found to be the perfect tool for my uses. I prefer to work with web hosts who use Cpanel, but have also set up websites with GoDaddy and other hosts with custom dashboards. I am now offering hosting under my own reseller account, making it easier for those who’d like to leave the details up to me.

I have been writing for the Historical Novel Society‘s quarterly book review magazine since 2011, and was appointed the US Children’s & YA Reviews Editor in 2014. You can view the staff page here and my review page here. I have also contributed several full-length articles, but they are only visible to members. I have written hundreds of articles and reviews for my two primary websites: Historical-Fiction.com and Royal-Intrigue.net. Education-wise, I graduated high school in 1997 and attended Floyd College (now Georgia Highlands) from 97′ – 99′ with a focus on English and Art.