Hello! Whether you have found me through a search engine, advertising campaign, or were referred by one of the many authors I have worked with through the years, I welcome you to my website!

I began designing websites in 2001 after taking online HTML, CSS, and Paint Shop Pro courses through WebTech University (a now defunct volunteer-based organization). This is also the year I began working for Borders Books, which ignited my love for the written word! I have always been a reader–I even lived across the street from the city library growing up–but I never settled on a genre until I discovered Jean Plaidy’s historical novels (yes, I have a fan website for this obsession).

And thus my love for history began, which has culminated into this project: Offering various services to authors, small businesses, and organizations, and specializing in historical pursuits. You’ll notice most of my clients have been writers and historical societies, but I am open to working with anyone in need of editing or design.

I have published hundreds of online articles, almost 100 magazine reviews/articles, and one article in a local paper. Since I began keeping up with my reading list in 2007, I have read and reviewed an average of 50 books per year (see my Historical Fiction website). Many of my reviews have been featured in the Historical Novels Review magazine, which is a quarterly periodical published by the Historical Novel Society; I have been a Reviews Editor for the magazine since July of 2014. This is where my official editing experience began, and I have since edited two standard sized novels.

Below are links to some of my work. I hope you’ll consider working with me if you find my services and fees to your liking and within your budget!


EVHS (Historic Van Wert Church)

Georgia Jaunts



Historical Fiction Network

Polk County Cemetery Preservation Society

Polk Memory Gardens


Seven Springs Museum


Vicki Greer’s Art

YA Book Review

eBook Cover Design
But for the Grace of God by Ginger Myrick
Devil on Deck by Madison Kent
A Circle Around Forever by Robert K. Swisher, Jr.
El Rey by Ginger Myrick
Insatiable by Ginger Myrick
The Spinster and the Wastrel by Louise Bergin
The Welsh Healer by Ginger Myrick
Work of Art by Ginger Myrick
Vent by Robert K. Swisher, Jr.