Writing & Editing


  • Book Cover Synopsis/Blurb

$75 + eBook or Bound Galley/ARC – This will require me reading your book to write a balanced piece that encompasses the spirit of your book while pulling readers in, but does not include spoilers. I will also include a full-length review for $125 total (reviews are normally $75 separately).

  • Article Writing

$75 for up to 1,000 words – if a longer article is desired, please contact me for a quote.

I am somewhat open subject-wise, however am generally geared toward literature, history, and culture.

  • Pamphlets/Flyers

Starting at $20 – price will be according to content required, stock images needed, and time spent.

  • Product Reviews

Price varies by type. Please keep in mind that reviews are honest and not guaranteed positive, although I endeavor to list a fair mixture of pros and cons. Review item must be supplied free of charge.


  • Manuscript Assessment/Critique

Specializing in historical fiction–although I will accept other genres–I am offering in-depth manuscript assessment to authors, indie or traditionally published, who would like an honest critique regarding all aspects of the writing. It will cover voice, theme, plot, audience, perspective, and flow, and will additionally touch on formatting, sentence structure, and grammar (although will not be marked/edited). I will point out any plot holes, inconsistencies, and anachronisms, but will also give positive feedback. This is a private critique and will not in any way or form be published or used for a public review.

Pricing Information
Short Story/Partial Manuscript
Up to 7,500 Words – $25
Novelette/Partial Manuscript
7,500 – 17,500 Words – $50
Novella/Partial Manuscript
17,500 – 40,000 Words – $75
Novel/Partial Manuscript
40,000 – 100,000 Words $100
Over 100,000 – contact me for a quote

  • Copy Editing

In addition to a full critique as described above, your manuscript will be marked for spelling and grammar errors, as well as noted with suggestions on improving the writing. There may be sentence structure suggestions and light rearranging for clarity.

Pricing Information
$12 per 1,000 words